America just rescued a group of Christians destined for persecution and death in one of the most uplifting stories so far this year

Apr 18, 2023

In many parts of the world, Christianity is being persecuted like never before.

But unlike all the bad and depressing stories out there in the news, this one will make you feel good and put a smile on your face.

That’s because America just rescued a group of Christians destined for persecution and death in one of the most uplifting stories so far this year.

The history of Christianity is a history of persecution

Since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Christians have been persecuted in countless ways.

From the time of Saint Paul, Christian communities have been hunted down and persecuted by those in power.

It’s just something about authority that gives it the desire to attack Christianity.

And make no mistake, that desire to attack Christians is still alive and well today in 2023.

We see hostility in our own culture where nearly every institution is confrontational to the Word of God.

And in all reality we are just one bad Supreme Court case away from the Word of God being considered hate speech and from Christians being persecuted for their beliefs.

But the war on Christianity isn’t unique to just the United States.

China is the biggest nation in the world and has been committing atrocities against Christians for generations with no end in sight.

Xi Jinping has made it a goal of his to eradicate Christianity from China.

And one group that has faced Xi Jinping’s wrath are sixty members of the Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church.

Good Friday miracle

Members of Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church, also known as the Mayflower Church, fled China a couple of years ago to Korea after facing years of increasing persecution and harassment from Chinese authorities.

But ever since they fled to Korea, they have been denied asylum in every country they enter.

And this past month, the group of Christians was denied asylum in Thailand.

Immigration authorities in Thailand were planning to deport the members of the Mayflower Church, with many fearing that they would be deported back to China.

These Christians would face unimaginable pain and suffering if they were deported back to China after escaping persecution once by the Chinese Communist Party.

Thankfully, through Christian activism in Washington, D.C., the members of the Mayflower Church were granted asylum into the United States.

And on Good Friday, all sixty members were flown from Thailand to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Overwhelmed by emotions, the Pastor for the church, Pastor Bob Fu, told the Daily Caller, “This is truly a Good Friday. China Aid welcomes the persecuted ‘Mayflower Church’ to freedom in the United States of America — welcome to Texas!”

One American activist with knowledge of the rescue claimed, “I can say that it was a large advocacy push that moved the needle. Once it was clear the group was in imminent danger, partner NGOs, members of Congress and their staff and U.S. Embassy in Bangkok employees jumped into action to get the group to safety.”

This is truly an amazing story.

There aren’t many news stories these days that make you proud of being an American, but if it wasn’t for our nation, these Christians would be facing unimaginable persecution by now at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

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