George Soros has this sick connection to Hamas supporters

Nov 2, 2023

George Soros is one of the biggest donors to left-wing causes.

His groups and organizations push for soft-on-crime District Attorneys, Antifa, and even putting explicit material in our kids’ school libraries.

But George Soros also has this sick connection to Hamas supporters.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations is the Nexus through which money flows to far-left groups and candidates.

An investigation by the New York Post pulled back the curtain in the disturbing details of how the Open Society Foundations funneled $15 million to pro-Hamas groups throughout the United States, which ended up staging protests that sometimes got violent.

“It also gave $30,000 in 2020 to Desis Rising Up and Moving, another co-sponsor of the Bryant Park protest where 139 people were arrested, financial records show,” the New York Post reported.

“Open Society Foundations gave $60,000 in 2018 to the Arab American Association of New York, a group co-founded by politically connected activist Linda Sarsour that helped plan a hate-filled ‘Flood Brooklyn for Palestine’ protest in Bay Ridge on Oct. 21, where protestors called for the eradication of Israel and held a sign of the Israeli flag in a trash basket that read ‘Please keep the world clean!’” the Post also reported.

“Open Society Foundations also awarded $1.5 million to Adalah’s founding nonprofit, Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, but only $800,000 of it was received before the legal center cut ties with the American organization in 2018. The legal center says its mission is to promote human rights in Israel,” the Post report continued.

“Other Soros-backed, Palestinian advocacy groups whose members have been spewing hate at rallies since the massacre include Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, which received $650,000 and $400,000, respectively,” the Post reported.

Jewish Voices for Peace and If Not Now are especially problematic groups, as their members staged an insurrection at the Capitol in support of Hamas, where several protestors were arrested.

Members of Jewish Voices for Peace also took over Grand Central Station, where the New York Police arrested hundreds of Hamas supporters.

The massive pro-Hamas demonstrations popping up across the United States are not spontaneous uprisings.

Rather, just like the Black Lives Matter insurrection, these demonstrations in support of Hamas are funded by donations coming from the very top of the Democrat donor class.

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