EXPOSED: New Chris Rufo documentary blows the lid off the Left’s number one protected class

Jul 20, 2023

They say you can judge who has true power in society by which groups you’re not allowed to criticize.

And while the radical Left has designated several groups as off-limits for criticism, one group in particular is truly a no-go zone.

And now Chris Rufo has released a new documentary blowing the lid off of the Left’s number one top-protected class.

A new breed of reporter

There is virtually zero investigative reporting remaining in the press.

Fortunately, a small group of independent journalists and reporters with small organizations are still holding up the journalistic responsibilities of the free press necessary for the educated electorate needed for a representative republic to survive.

One of those reporters is Christopher F. Rufo – a writer for City Journal and senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute.

Rufo has a list of major stories he’s broken in his young career.

Perhaps the biggest of those was exposing Disney executives admitting they implement a “gay agenda” in their movies and series wherever and whenever possible.

He’s also been one of the leading reporters uncovering Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory infiltrating government-run school classrooms.

Due to his groundbreaking work, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida appointed Rufo to the board of trustees for New College of Florida – DeSantis’ model for a woke-free college education.

And now Rufo’s latest scoop comes in the form of a new mini-documentary.

The Transgender Empire

Earlier this week, Rufo released The Transgender Empire, a look back at the start of the trans movement in America and how it went from the fringes of far-Left academia to the mainstream of the Democrat Party.

You can watch the full documentary in the above tweet.

“The transgender movement has conquered America life,” Rufo tweeted. “In a new short film, I explain how the movement gained power and connect the dots between its key intellectuals, billionaire benefactor, and large-scale medical experiments in a Detroit ghetto.”

Rufo’s thesis in the nearly 13-minute documentary is that trans ideology aims to change American society forever, tearing down the supposed “hierarchal patriarchy” and ending the traditional family.

Origins of the trans movement in America

The documentary doesn’t go into the creepy sexual abuse experiments on twins of John Money back in the 1960’s.

Instead, the investigative report starts in the 1980’s by introducing the audience to some of the founding fathers – or, in this case, parental figures may be more appropriate – of the transgender ideology, like Judith Butler who identifies as a non-binary lesbian.

Rufo shows quotes from the early days of the trans movement – and the ideology had nothing to do with helping the tiny percent of people in society suffering from gender dysphoria.

You can see in the mini-doc, transgender professor Susan Stryker admitted it was a political movement meant to bring down the traditional family.

The first-family of the trans movement

Rufo also reveals how one rich family is chiefly responsible for the rapid spread of the self-described “trans rights” movement in America.

The heir to the Hyatt hotel fortune, James Pritzker, transitioned to female and renamed himself Jennifer.

Jennifer Pritzker is considered the world’s first transgender billionaire.

And he’s donated millions and millions of dollars to trans causes, activist organizations, universities, and hospitals – all with the condition they push so-called “gender-affirming care” on children.

Of course, giving kids puberty blockers and sex-change operations doesn’t “affirm” their gender at all – in fact, just the opposite.

However, the Pritzker family’s role in perpetuating the social contagion that is transgenderism doesn’t stop there.

Jennifer’s brother is Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois.

As the Governor of the Prairie State, Pritzker has instituted some of the most dangerous trans policies anywhere in the country.

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster turns on him

The documentary also uncovers a laboratory in Detroit Michigan experimenting with trans medical treatments on poor black youths.

And Rufo exposes a doctor in Oregon who is averaging two gender-changing operations every day.

He closes the report by looking at the detransition community and comparing the trans movement to Frankenstein.

The hulking monster, betrayed by society and his father, walks alone into obscurity to float away on an iceberg into oblivion.

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