Eric Adams is suing other New York cities for this insane reason that will leave you in a fit of rage

Jun 14, 2023

NIMBY is shorthand for “not in my back yard” – or in other words, “as long as it doesn’t impact me.”

Democrats are famous for supporting policies as long as conservatives in red states are the ones who have to bear the brunt of the negative consequences.

And now the Mayor of New York City is preparing to take neighboring communities to court if they don’t bail him out of a jam his policies created.

A Democrat-created crisis on the U.S. southern border

President Joe Biden and his Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, have taken the ostrich approach to immigration in the United States.

They call for amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens and then tuck their heads in the sand and ignore the crisis on the southern border.

Border states are left to handle the crisis on their own – and with their hands tied behind their backs by the Biden Administration.

As one part of a multi-faceted solution, some Republican Governors – like Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida – started sending the border crossers to “sanctuary cities” in blue states.

A so-called “sanctuary city” is a municipality where policies protect illegal aliens from deportation and prosecution, despite federal immigration law – or in other words, cities that deliberately ignore and disobey federal immigration laws.

A more accurate name for them would be “harboring havens.”

Many of the illegals have wound up in New York City.

And now the Mayor is crying foul.

The hypocrisy of open-border supporters

Despite supporting his city’s harboring status – Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams has been complaining non-stop about a small fraction of the illegal aliens’ border states are being forced to accommodate migrating to his city since the first day they arrived.

In fact, Mayor Adams even declared a state of emergency when the first 17,000 illegal aliens were bussed to the Big Apple.

Border states are dealing with more than 10-times that amount on a monthly basis.

And then, this past March, Adams actually implemented the DeSantis-Abbott strategy he previously decried.

He started sending the illegal aliens to their “preferred city of choice.”

But Adams is looking to give even more illegal aliens a boot out of his Harboring Haven.

Adams sues his neighbors for doing the same thing he’s doing

Mayor Adams is in the process of suing more than 30 Upstate New York counties and Long Island for refusing to accept the illegal aliens Adams is trying to get rid of.

“These counties have implemented misguided and unlawful executive orders premised on false claims that the prospect of a few hundred asylum seekers sheltered at the city’s expense across multiple counties constitute an emergency and imperil public safety,” Sylvia Hinds-Radix, a lawyer for the city said.

And while trying to make his lawsuit sound better, Adams resorted to perhaps the most hypocritical attacks possible.

“The lawsuit is aimed at bringing an end to xenophobic bigotry,” Mayor Adams said.

How is it bigotry for smaller and oftentimes poorer counties to reject a burden they didn’t ask for and don’t have the infrastructure to support – but not bigotry for Adams to kick those same illegal aliens out of his so-called “sanctuary city”?

Upstate vs. The City

Rivalry and hard feelings between New York City and the citizens of Upstate New York are nothing new.

And now, one of the county executives of one of the thirty counties named in the suit – not counting Long Island – is not mincing words about Adams’ action.

“NYC has no interest in meaningful communication or collaboration with municipalities outside of the city,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day. “When the City of New York declared itself a sanctuary city, it invited these challenges. Now Mayor Adams is pouring gasoline on the fire he started while continuing to try to impose his will upon the rest of the state by breaking local building and zoning laws and violating New York State Social Services rules and regulations.”

Rockland County is located directly north of Yonkers outside of New York City in Upstate New York.

“Rockland County services have already been strained to the breaking point through the natural and organic migration of individuals to our county,” Day added. “This new lawsuit does nothing to address the legitimate concerns of my administration and residents of our county.”

But Adams doesn’t care about the strain he puts on his ill-prepared neighbors.

As long as the policies he supports don’t come back to haunt him in his own backyard.

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