Chris Pratt just gave the Left one more reason to try and cancel him

May 30, 2023

Movie star Chris Pratt loves America and Jesus.

And that alone is enough for the Cancel Culture mob to seek his demise.

However, Pratt isn’t folding – and his latest viral video has America-hating leftists in full meltdown mode.

Why does the Left hate Chris Pratt?

Chris Pratt has gone from playing the bumbling boyfriend of a secondary character on a moderately successful NBC sitcom to arguably being the biggest movie star in the world.

And he’s achieved this tremendous success despite the woke mob doing everything in their power to bring his shooting star crashing down to earth.

Pratt is by no means a rock-ribbed conservative – in fact, when it comes to political policies and campaigns, he tends to play his cards pretty close to his vest.

So, why is he such a high-priority target of the Left?

Because the Guardians of the Galaxy star is openly Christian and pro-America.

In 2023 United States, that’s all it takes to turn the radical Left against you.

They’ve actively tried to sabotage Pratt’s last several projects.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the Terminal List limited series on Amazon, the streaming The Tomorrow War, and many other Pratt projects have been lambasted by the elitist critics while those same movies and shows did gangbusters with actual audiences.

The Left lamented the fact that Pratt’s Super Mario Brothers Movie didn’t feature any woke messaging – much as they did with Top Gun: Maverick.

However, just like the Tom Cruise vehicle, Pratt’s performance as Mario was a smash hit, warping its way to number one at the box office.

The secret to Pratt’s success might be as simple as not apologizing for who he is and what he believes when the so-called “social justice warriors” come to him demanding compliance with the woke agenda.

Is Chris Pratt TOO patriotic?

And if they didn’t like Pratt as a cartoon, Italian plumber or as the Star Lord, they are going to lose their collective minds when they see his most recent viral video.

The clip is almost 27 seconds, but the Jurassic Park franchise star’s attire and words in that short video are more than enough to drive the extremists on the Left mad.

The video is filmed by sports analyst Jay Glazer in a gym.

Glazer remarks on Pratt’s American flag hoodie – making a joke about the over-the-top patriotism of the top.

“Hey, my son has been missing his sweatshirt,” Glazer jokes. “And now I know where it is.”

Pratt picks up on the joke and returns the favor in-kind.

“I’m a little bit insecure about my sweatshirt, okay? Because I feel like it’s too patriotic,” Pratt replied, while mocking the leftists who hate America. “So, I’m gonna tell you what – I’m going to retire it.”

Pratt then unzips and removes his hoodie – revealing the punchline.

Under the American flag top, Pratt is sporting a tee-shirt that reads, “America: Land of the Free.”

“I don’t want to come across as some guy who is just SO pro-America, you know what I mean,” Pratt adds.

Pratt then throws a couple mock punches at the mixed-martial-arts analyst before a gleeful Glazer turns the camera on himself and lovingly jests, “He’s a moron.”

Is Chris Pratt possible in 2023 Hollywood?

As many Twitter users attest in the comments of the video, it’s almost hard to believe a guy – who unabashedly loves his country, unapologetically worships Jesus, and just seems to be a nice, down-to-earth guy – can still exist in Hollywood.

But he does.

And his name is Chris Pratt.

The clip is a refreshing sight to see in 2023 Hollywood.

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