Chicago’s new Mayor just offered up this same old excuse for the city’s rampant and deadly violence

Jun 2, 2023

Violent crime is surging to epidemic proportions in America’s bluest cities.

However, voters in these blue cities keep on voting for more of the same.

And now Chicago’s new Mayor is offering this insane excuse for why his policies are already failing.

The definition of insanity

Chicago residents were furious at the results from their last Mayor, Democrat Lori Lightfoot.

Soaring violent crime rates, poor school performance, rampant homelessness, a drug epidemic, the list goes on and on.

So, as blue city voters often do, they elected another Democrat who promised more of the same failed policies – but expected different results.

Einstein had a word for that line of thinking.

Chicago’s holistic violence interrupters

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, new Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson bragged about his new “peacekeeper” initiative to combat crime while de-emphasizing the role of police.

Johnson’s plan is supposedly a “holistic” approach.

Money that had been earmarked for more police boots on the ground and better training for cops was moved over to community organizations.

Staff from those community organizations are then put on the frontlines as first responders to criminal calls.

So instead of a police officer with a gun and the ability to arrest rushing to the scene of a crime – Johnson is sending social workers who will ask the violent gangbangers how they feel.

And to the surprise of no one, Johnson’s holistic peacekeepers failed miserably this past Memorial Day weekend, and nearly 11 Chicago residents paid the ultimate price because of it.

Johnson turns to tired excuses for failed policies

During the holiday weekend, ABC 7 News, out of the Windy City, is reporting 50 people were shot, and 11 more died.

And Johnson is now touting out a tired left-wing line to excuse his failed crime-fighting philosophy.

“Poverty didn’t go away over the weekend,” Mayor Johnson said. “Like we understand that when communities have been disinvested in and traumatized, that you are seeing the manifestation of that trauma.”

There you have it – poverty and systemic racism are why the Windy City is a dangerous place to live.

It has nothing to do with a George Soros-funded District Attorney who refuses to prosecute many criminals, bail reforms that let lawbreakers back on the street, taking money away from police departments, or gun control laws disarming law-abiding citizens.

Those would explain why Chicago and other blue cities like it have become near unlivable after decades of Democrat party rule.

But those aren’t the answers – according to Johnson, more of the same will save the day.

“. . . As Mayor, I am committed to leveraging every single resource at our disposal to protect every single life in our city,” Johnson said in a statement. “This holiday weekend, thousands of police officers, first responders, city workers, business leaders, organizers, faith leaders, and violence interrupters tirelessly dedicated themselves to keeping Chicago safe.”

DeSantis vs. Johnson

And while Johnson’s “violence interrupters” allowed 11 murders and another 50 injuries over the weekend, the media is busy trying to take out Ron DeSantis.

An apparently gang-related shooting in Hollywood, Florida, led to injuries for nine people, but no deaths.

And without skipping a beat, the media took to the airwaves and newspaper and digital pages and blamed Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for signing Constitutional Carry into law in the Sunshine State.

There is zero evidence of any link between rising violent crime and Constitutional Carry laws passing.

But put that aside for a second.

The other problem is, DeSantis’ Constitutional Carry law had not even taken effect yet at the time of the shooting – so in no way could be responsible for the gang shooting.

Additionally, the Constitutional Carry law doesn’t allow felony convicts to take advantage of the law.

But the Democrat Party’s public relations wing in the media has never been known to let facts get in the way of their phony narrative.

Count on the press to continue covering for the radically woke Johnson by sweeping Chicago’s crime wave under the rug – while simultaneously looking for every excuse to come after America’s Governor and the Second Amendment.

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