Americans can’t stop laughing after learning that this daily task is now considered racist by the Left

Mar 28, 2023

We’ve heard time and again about how everything in our society is racist.

But this is a new one that no one could have ever imagined would be considered racially motivated.

And Americans can’t stop laughing after learning that this daily task is now considered racist by the Left.

Everything is racist, according to the Left

It’s amazing that some people are able to wake up and get out of bed and go about their day as they think that everything around them is racist.

Many on the Democrat side believe that nearly everything in our lives is the result and a symbol of racism.

They believe that our nation was founded on the sole principle of hatred and the institution of slavery.

But when you actually look at the history of our nation, nothing can be further from the truth.

Of course, our history isn’t perfect, as man is imperfect and fallen.

But overall, the United States of America has been a shining light of hope and of freedom for the vast majority of the population and has had more opportunity for its people than any other place on God’s green earth.

Still, we all know the truth doesn’t matter to the Left, and their ultimate goal is just to tear down the society their forefathers spent so much time building.

Nowadays, their lies about our society have infested many of our institutions through programs like the 1619 Project.

And no institution has fallen to the racist ideology more than the higher education system.

Just go to your local college or university and you’ll find some people farther Left than Stalin.

Your car is racist

And our institutions today are so far gone that there’s actually a published and highly-respected study just released out of the University of Southern California that says you’re a racist for driving your car in the city.

This isn’t some crazy undergrad from Lefty U.

This study conducted by a professor, Geoff Boeing, from one of the most prominent institutions of higher education in our nation claims that white people are racist as they drive through cities and pollute black streets.

The study claims that “the core finding is that for every 1% increase in miles driven to and from work by people who live in a particular part of L.A. County, there’s an estimated 0.62% decrease in the lung-damaging ‘fine particulate matter’ to which those Angelenos are exposed.”

So in essence, when the population of one part of LA drives, that population sees less lung damage from fine particulate matter from vehicle exhaust.

But where these people drive through, that community sees a higher risk of health issues from the cars.

And according to Boeing’s study, white people drive through black neighborhoods as roads are racially disproportionate, which is all because of racism.

Who knew that driving your car to work could be a sign of racism and oppression?

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