AAA just handed this major car company devastating news about its latest electric vehicle

Jun 9, 2023

The “green” movement has been relentless.

But the technology does not match the ideology.

And AAA gave one car company some bad news about its latest EV product.

Environmental regulations are killing vehicles

Radical left-wing environmentalists have been forcing bad policies on corporations in the name of forwarding their “green” agenda.

The end result has been car companies are putting out electric vehicles that have larger carbon footprints than gas-powered vehicles.

On top of that, the EVs do not perform nearly as well for practical uses.

For instance, AAA (American Automobile Association) just reviewed Ford’s new EV truck and noted that it lost considerable range when hauling big loads.

“Our testing revealed a significant range reduction, but it’s important to note that the Lightning was loaded to near its maximum capacity,” Greg Brannon, director of AAA Automotive Engineering, said of the Ford F-150 Lighting. “Most buyers will likely use their Lightning with a lighter load, resulting in a much smaller range reduction.”

So people who need trucks to carry heavy loads for work can expect to lose significant range before having to recharge.

AAA tested the truck with a load of just 1,400 pounds – a relatively small amount of weight for most in the construction industry – and noted that it lost roughly one quarter of its range.

Ford has claimed that the F-150 Lightning had a range of 300 miles.

With no payload whatsoever, AAA determined that the truck had 278 miles of range – 7.3% less than Ford claimed – but when carrying 1,400 pounds, it dropped to 210 miles (24.5% less).

That is simply not practical for anyone who plans to actually use their truck for its intended purpose of hauling things.

Electric vehicles aren’t even good for reducing emissions

And again, new EVs have a larger carbon footprint, so they aren’t even accomplishing the stated goal of stopping climate change.

On top of that, they put more strain on the electrical grid, which is powered almost exclusively by fossil fuels.

None of this makes sense, but it is being pushed by politicians, bureaucrats, and, most of all, activists nonetheless.

“People involved in the auto industry are largely a silent majority,” Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda admitted. “That silent majority is wondering whether EVs are really okay to have as a single option. But they think it’s the trend so they can’t speak out loudly.”

Radical left-wing ideology is winning out over common sense, but at some point, reality will rear its ugly head.

In the meantime, expect car companies to sink more money into EVs that don’t help the environment, but allow governments to seize more control of the economy.

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