A “USA” chant just broke out in the oddest place and the reason why will put a smile on your face

Jul 24, 2023

Would the United States’ founding fathers have even guessed the country they created would reach a point where the American flag was treated as a hate symbol by one of the major political parties?

Patriotism has turned into a political telltale – if you’re patriotic, you’re on the Right, if not, you’re on the Left.

And that’s why it was so strange when a “USA” chant broke out at the last place you’d expect – and for all the right reasons.

Boycotts and buycotts

Woke corporatism has been one of the driving factors pushing America to the extreme Left in recent years.

Radical left-wing organizations, firms like Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street, plus billionaire socialist George Soros, reward giant conglomerates for advancing the woke agenda via ESG scores and social credit ratings.

But many Americans have finally started standing up to the companies who take their money and put it to work against them.

As evidenced by the protests of Bud Light and Target, conservatives are finally learning how to boycott companies that actively hate them.

However, they’re still struggling on the other end of the spectrum – buycotts, actively supporting companies that align with their values, and also provide a quality product or service at a reasonable price.

Enter PublicSq.

PublicSq is one of the companies leading the effort for a parallel economy for non-woke Americans.

It’s an online marketplace aiming to be the conservative alternative to Amazon.

And it just reached a massive milestone being approved as a publicly traded company.

A patriotic rally broke out at the stock exchange

The PublicSq team was given the honor of ringing the iconic stock exchange morning bell this week.

And something foreign to Wall Street happened during the festivities.

As you can hear in the above video, a raucous “USA” chant broke out on the exchange floor while PublicSq CEO Michael Seifert rang the bell.

Interesting to note, Donald Trump Jr. is involved with the company and was in attendance on the balcony.

Seifert got a good laugh when he noticed CNBC analyst Jim Cramer’s instinctual response to the floor reaction for PublicSq.

“You can tell Jim Cramer isn’t used to hearing USA chants on the NYSE floor,” Seifert tweeted. “I am so proud of our PSQ team and everything we’ve accomplished over the last year. The largest network of non-woke businesses in America is officially public $PSQH.🇺🇸.”

PublicSq was founded back in January of 2021.

“Clearly there’s this very large, unaddressed market in the United States that feels like, in the era of sort of woke or progressive corporatism, they’re not being talked to,” Seifert said during an interview with Fox Business at the time. “In fact, in many cases, they’re being actively ignored or antagonized.”

They vet companies to ensure patriotic values.

PublicSq now hosts 55,000 businesses and has over a million active consumers.

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