A government whistleblower just dropped a bombshell about UFOs that left jaws on the floor

Jun 8, 2023

The federal government has been hiding things from the American people.

Now they are being called to the carpet for their cover-ups.

And a government whistleblower just dropped a bombshell about UFOs that left jaws on the floor.

A new shocking report from two veteran reporters cited a decorated government whistleblower to provide insight into the U.S. Government’s history with UFOs and the cover-up of them.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force

As reported by The Debrief, “A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin.”

The whistleblower is 36-year-old David Charles Grusch, a decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan.

Grusch then went on to work at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

It was at the NRO where he served as a representative to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAP) from 2019-2021.

Then from late 2021 to July 2022, he was the NGA’s co-lead for UAP analysis and its representative to the UAP task force.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was established to investigate UFOs, which of course the government has officially renamed “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” or UAP.

This task force was launched by the Navy under the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security.

Grusch, became a whistleblower and is now represented by an attorney who served as the original Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG).

Respected journalists take the case

Recently, Grusch spoke with reporters Leslie Kean (a cousin of New Jersey GOP State Senator Tom Kean, Jr.) and Ralph Blumenthal, a veteran New York Times reporter.

Kean co-authored a 2017 article in the New York Times that revealed the DoD spent $22.5 million on a secret program to investigate UFOs.

According to The Debrief, partial fragments of unidentified aircraft have been recovered for decades up to the present day by the U.S. government, our allies, and even by defense contractors.

Grusch said, “We are not talking about prosaic origins or identities. The material includes intact and partially intact vehicles.”

And he said according to analysis that has been done, the objects are “of exotic origin (non-human intelligence, whether extraterrestrial or unknown origin) based on the vehicle morphologies and material science testing and the possession of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures.”

And Grusch told Congress of the existence of a decades-long “publicly unknown Cold War for recovered and exploited physical material – a competition with near-peer adversaries over the years to identify UAP crashes/landings and retrieve the material for exploitation/reverse engineering to garner asymmetric national defense advantages.”

According to an unclassified version of his whistleblower complaint, Grusch even has direct knowledge that UAP-related classified information has been withheld and/or concealed from Congress by “elements” of the intelligence community “to purposely and intentionally thwart legitimate Congressional oversight of the UAP Program.”

If Grusch is right, the truth is indeed right here with us – it’s just being covered up.

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