A former federal agent just exposed the jaw-dropping number of Americans victimized by Joe Biden’s failed policies

Jul 18, 2023

Joe Biden and his Democrat allies have pushed the pedal to the metal on some of their most destructive woke left-wing schemes in recent years.

Countless working-class Americans are literally losing their lives as a result.

And a former federal agent just exposed the jaw-dropping number of Americans killed by Joe Biden’s failed policies.

Joe Biden’s body count

During a recent House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement hearing, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Field Office Director John Fabbricatore was called to testify on the impact President Joe Biden’s open borders policies are having on the United States.

As Fabbricatore explained, President Biden’s policies to protect the more than 20 million illegal aliens estimated to be in the country from arrest and deportation have gutted ICE agents’ ability to engage in interior immigration enforcement, leaving countless criminal illegal aliens to roam American streets.

And the former ICE agent revealed that reality has skyrocketed the number of Angel families – the families of working class Americans killed by known criminal illegal aliens.

According to Fabbricatore, had President Biden and his Democrat allies simply continued similar interior immigration enforcement operations to that of past Presidential administrations – including that of former President Barack Obama – “there would have been another 90,000 [illegal] aliens arrested who would’ve accounted for approximately another 300,000 convictions and charges.”

Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) interrupted Fabbricatore to clarify whether he was saying “there are 300,000 American families who have suffered acts of crime as a result of this administration’s policies?”

“Yes, sir,” Fabbricatore responded without hesitation.

“These are his own statistics”

The former ICE agent proceeded by submitting federal government arrest data to the Subcommittee that indicates arrests of convicted criminal illegal aliens have dropped significantly thanks to President Biden’s policies.

“Based on these statistics, is there any conclusion that can be drawn by a logical, reasonable person, other than that the real goal of these priorities is to limit immigration enforcement in the interior of the United States, regardless of the risk to public safety and national security that the illegal alien poses?” Fabbricatore asked the Subcommittee’s members.

Fabbricatore then took aim at Biden Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, the architect of President Biden’s disastrous immigration and national security policies, pointing out that the data produced by the Secretary’s own agency proves the regime’s policies have had the exact opposite effect they claimed.

“In fact, the entire premise put forth by Secretary Mayorkas is false,” Fabbricatore declared. “The statistics show the exact opposite result that he swore his policies were going to produce. These aren’t my words – these are his own statistics. There are fewer arrests and fewer serious criminals being arrested. Plain and simple. And we’re into the third year of these policies – if he was really concerned about getting criminals off the street and out of the country, and he’s seen two-plus years of the opposite result, wouldn’t he change them?”

“It is also worth noting that there are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of criminal aliens at large in the United States,” he continued. “President Biden’s own FY 2024 Budget Justification clearly stated that there were over 400,000 convicted criminals on the non-detained docket. Why are these criminal aliens not detained and removed?”

Breitbart noted that this information comes on the heels of the Biden regime’s decision to reimplement so-called “sanctuary country” orders to ensure even fewer known criminal illegal aliens are taken into ICE custody, even if they’ve been arrested on local charges.

Needless to say, the Biden regime’s woke extremist immigration policies are wreaking havoc on working-class Americans nationwide.

And the fact that more Americans are dying than ever before as a result of his woke extremist immigration policies could very well come back to haunt Joe Biden in next year’s election.

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