While the Left has lost their minds, Tommy Tuberville may have won the fight to protect innocent lives

Sep 27, 2023

Ever since the Supreme Court ended Roe v. Wade, the Left has gone off the deep end.

Some Republicans, like Senator Tommy Tuberville, refuse to let them violate the law and are willing to go to the mat to stand up for principle.

Now the Democrats are throwing in the towel, and it seems like Tuberville’s fight to protect the rule of law and the unborn might have been won despite an unrelenting campaign by the radical Left.

Tommy Tuberville decided to take a stand after Pentagon adopted an “illegal abortion policy”

U.S. Senator from Alabama, Tommy Tuberville, has been pushing back against what he calls an “illegal abortion policy” that the military adopted following the Dobbs ruling that ended Roe v. Wade.

Tuberville has done so while withstanding a months-long campaign to smear him for his Pro-Life beliefs.

Radical leftists like Senator Chuck Schumer have been leading the PR campaign against Tuberville for months.

“GOP Senator Tuberville is holding up 160 military promotions—because he can’t get his way on blocking women in the military from receiving health care,” Schumer wrote in March.

Schumer accused Republicans of pulling a “stunt” while “threats against our country continue to grow.”

But it’s the Democrats that are focusing on abortion and woke ideology in the military while the world is growing more volatile by the day.

This is what’s really happening with Tuberville’s campaign to end the “illegal abortion policy.”

Tuberville called the new abortion policy an “illegal expansion of DoD authority”

In response to the Dobbs decision, the Democrats lost their collective minds. Never in a million years did they expect to see laws guiding abortion procedures to fall back into the hands of the states.

That led the Left to do something equally unthinkable—expand the use of taxpayer dollars for abortions in the military.

In February of this year, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin finally followed through with the Democrats’ plans.

Austin issued a memo that stated the Pentagon would begin funding travel to states offering abortion for any military service member interested in ending the life of their unborn child.

Tuberville immediately shot back at Austin and the Radical Left.

“This is an illegal expansion of DoD authority and gross misuse of taxpayer dollars—and I will hold [Austin] accountable.”

“The American people want a military focused on national defense, not facilitating a progressive political agenda,” Tuberville told Fox News.

That led Tuberville to withhold consent for nomination blocks that would see all military promotions swiftly go through.

Tuberville wants to see all votes done separately unless the new abortion policy is thrown out.

Schumer finally “blinked,” and the American people learned the truth

Now, after a months-long standoff between Tuberville and Schumer, it appears that Schumer finally “blinked.”

Schumer finally agreed to bring each military promotion to an individual floor vote.

While the Pentagon memo wasn’t squashed, Tuberville defeated the narrative that he was somehow stopping the military in its tracks.

Schumer finally had to admit that he could have moved forward with promotions all along.

Instead, he was baiting the American public into believing Tuberville was an enemy of the U.S. Military.

Tuberville said, “This is a win today for the legislative branch of government. If Democrats want to complain, then they should look in the mirror.”

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