Vivek Ramaswamy speaks to Christians about the Bible despite this widely unknown fact

Sep 21, 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy is a political outsider that just jumped to the top three in the Republican Primary.

The former CEO is campaigning on a promise to end woke ideology and eliminate the deep state.

And while he continues to quote the Bible in speeches to Christians, many of them do not know this little-known fact about his own faith.

Ramaswamy addresses Christian audience at Pray Vote Stand Summit

Vivek Ramaswamy joined the Family Research Council at their Pray Vote Stand Summit in Washington, DC, last week. 

The summit is an opportunity for evangelical Christians to come together to discuss the role of Christianity in government and the future of America.

While Ramaswamy was on stage, he discussed the book of Exodus. 

“When the Israelites escaped from the Pharaoh, they’re lost in the desert, lost in the wilderness, yet to find the promised lands, what do they say? We want to go back and be ruled by the Pharaoh,” the Presidential hopeful explained.

“If you don’t bend the knee to the real thing then you’re going to bend the knee to something,” he told the Christians in the audience. But he did this all without recognizing the fact that he practices Hindi. 

So, while he was referencing historical text that celebrates one God—he conveniently omitted his belief in a polytheistic religion.

But Ramaswamy has addressed his religious beliefs, and he says it will help him connect with Christians.

Ramaswamy has said he is Hindu, and it will take a “leap of faith” for Christians to support him

“I’m a person of faith. Evangelical Christians across the state are also people of faith,” Ramaswamy told NBC News earlier this year. 

The political outsider went onto say, “I think it’s legitimate to gain comfort with somebody who is of a different faith—I am Hindu.”

Ramaswamy acknowledged that this would be a hurdle for him with some Christian voters. 

“I understand that requires some of you to make a bit of a leap of faith for somebody who isn’t nominally Christian. But I promise it’s a lot smaller of a leap than it seems,” he says.

“I’ve actually read the Bible much more closely than many of, probably most of, my Christian friends,” he said at a campaign stop following the Pray Vote Stand Summit. 

Ramaswamy says that he even won “a religion award” in high school.

His promise to fight for religious freedom might be a winning topic, but the audience at Pray Vote Stand wasn’t impressed.

Ramaswamy fell short on the straw poll following the Christian summit

Ramaswamy believes it’s “true” that Hinduism shares values with Christianity, and because of that, Christians should be comfortable with him “occupying the office [of the President].” 

We need to “defend religious liberty, to stand for faith and patriotism and stand unapologetically for the fact that we are one nation under God,” he says.

But despite his own personal faith, he continues to invoke the singular “God.” 

Ramaswamy is being tepid in his approach towards what he calls “faith-based conservatives” and it seems his speech at Pray Vote Stand didn’t earn him any extra points. 

The straw poll following the event only earned him 1.7 percent of the vote for presidency.

Former President Donald Trump received nearly 64 percent of the vote, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received 27 percent of the vote.

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