This little-known Joe Biden policy is responsible for out-of-control food prices

Aug 29, 2023

In less than one full term in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden has managed to make a mess out of the United States’ southern border, the U.S. military, justice agencies, and American culture.

However, what may be hurting American families most of all is the mess Biden has made of the U.S. economy.

And this little-known Bidenomics policy is a big reason you’re paying so much for groceries.

The Biden Economy is failing working Americans

Oliver Anthony captured the imagination of the nation with his song “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

While Anthony insists his song wasn’t meant to side with one political party or the other – American workers connected with the lyrics describing the raw deal many feel they’re being dealt.

And one would have to go all the way back to the Carter Administration to find a time when the men and women of the United States have been feeling the pinch as hard as they are under President Joe Biden’s watch.

Inflation is out of control; it’s never been more expensive to put a roof over your head; automobiles are out of reach for most; and energy bills are sending shockwaves.

Meanwhile, shoppers are getting less and less food for their dollar at the grocery store.

There are multiple Biden economic policies responsible for the rising costs of groceries during the Biden Administration – for example, his non-stop spending bills that are driving down the value of the dollar and the supply chain crisis driving up freight shipping costs.

But it turns out another Biden policy that received very little attention from the press shares a large portion of the responsibility for why your food bills are so high.

You’re paying for food stamps in two different ways

Back in 2021, as one of his 77 executive orders that year, President Biden slipped through a 27% increase in food stamp benefits.

Source: The Foundation for Government Accountability

Food stamp recipients can now receive $835 every month to spend on things like Little Debby Fudge Rounds, as Oliver Anthony pointed out in his hit song.

According to a new report from the Foundation for Government Accountability, that represents the largest permanent raise in the program’s history.

Source: The Foundation for Government Accountability

The FGA is reporting that expansion of benefits, combined with a 10% enrollment increase and a 35% bump in emergency allotments, has caused monthly food stamp spending to surpass record levels.

In fact, the FGA found food stamp spending in America nearly tripled between 2019 and 2022.

You can see the year-by-year numbers in the chart below.

Source: The Foundation for Government Accountability

In direct expense, the FGA says Biden’s food stamp hike will cost American taxpayers $250 billion over the decade.

But where everyday Americans are feeling the most pain is when they purchase food with their hard-earned dollars.

The FGA estimates Biden’s food stamp hike resulted in food prices going up 15%.

And it doesn’t help that the food stamp system is widely abused.

Food stamps are often traded by the recipient to a friend or relative, for a lesser amount of hard cash that can be used to buy things like drugs and alcohol, or even Air Force Ones.

Meanwhile, working men and women are paying more for food stamp recipients to eat and to feed their own families.

The FGA is calling for Congress to act to reverse Biden’s food stamp hike that is running up prices for Americans workers.

“Congress should repeal President Biden’s unlawful food stamp expansion and codify a statutory requirement that all Thrifty Food Plan reevaluations be cost neutral to prevent future bureaucrats from engaging in the same lawless behavior,” the FGA report’s conclusion reads.

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