This bunch of liberal hippies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have just made gun buyback programs a complete joke

Nov 1, 2023

Most Americans know liberal gun buyback programs are nothing but a joke.

People have used 3D printers to make guns for pennies that they sold to big city Mayors for hundreds of dollars.

But this latest gun buyback proposal by a group of hippies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, may be the biggest joke yet.

Guns made this nation

In today’s day and age, guns don’t get the respect they deserve.

We wouldn’t be here as a nation if it wasn’t for firearms helping us along the way.

If it weren’t for the average family hunting rifle, our founding fathers never would have formed this nation and broken away from the grasp of the English crown.

If it wasn’t for the Colt .45, our nation would never have expanded westward at the rate and pace it did.

Many Americans and settlers were protected by the quick-hand Colt single-action revolver as they faced the wilderness and Indians during westward expansion.

The Thompson submachine gun made it much easier to defeat the Nazis in WWII.

And if it weren’t for the household handgun, these days, more Americans would be subject to the brutality of the rising violent crime pandemic we’re seeing in our nation.

So, you would assume Americans would give firearms the respect they deserve.

But for some reason, Democrats have an obsession with taking as many guns from law-abiding citizens as they can.

They always say it’s their objective to take guns off the streets, but the only people turning their guns in during programs like gun buyback programs are just law-abiding citizens looking for a quick buck.

And after Democrats do their gun buyback programs, there is no improvement in gun violence in these neighborhoods and cities, as most of these violent episodes are caused by drug-related or gang-related issues.

They are nothing but a joke.

Turning ARs into rakes

But to make these gun buyback programs even worse, now hippies in Tulsa are finding ways to turn these firearms into garden equipment.

A group called Guns to Garden Tools is turning rifles, shotguns, handguns, and whatever else they can get their hands on from these gun buy back programs into garden equipment.

In the most hippie response imaginable, one volunteer stated about the program that “this project is all about transformation. It’s about transforming something that is created to kill into something that’s created to give life.”

Nothing says saving lives like making a rake out of a rifle.

Can you imagine the impact Democrats would have if they put this much thought into handling gang violence as they do to collect guns and turn them into shovels?

This line of thought is just amazingly idiotic.

We will stop gang violence by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens and making a decorative rake out of their AR-15.

Idiocy never disappoints.

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