There’s a new trend in DEI hiring in corporate America, and it’s actually a sign of hope

Jul 26, 2023

When the Left can’t advance its woke agenda through legislation – it turns to its allies to do their bidding for them.

That can take the form of Big Media and celebrities, Big Tech companies, through the government-run education system, or via woke corporatism.

But now there’s a new corporate America trend in Diversity Equity & Inclusion hiring that may be a sign of some light at the end of the tunnel.

Who really is in bed with big business?

Democrats have long accused Republicans of being the political party in bed with big business.

There was a time in history when that may have been the case – but over the course of the last couple of decades, corporate America has switched beds and is now lying with Democrats.

There are a myriad of reasons for this switch in party alliance.

Starting with the Tea Party and moving to the Trump Train, the GOP has adopted more of a populist stance on economic issues.

From there, the newest corporate leaders are millennials fresh off the indoctrination of the government school system and woke Ivy League universities.

And leftist institutions and billionaires reward them for implementing woke policies.

Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, the Human Rights Campaign, and billionaire socialist George Soros invest millions into companies in exchange for obedience to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policies.

These policies are connected to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF).

As they say in their own propaganda, the WEF’s mission is to create a world where working men and women own nothing, have no privacy, no families, no genders, and eat bugs – and are happy about it.

Well, someone has to hire all these gender studies students . . .

One of the leading tools the WEF and its ESG friends use to divide the country with identity politics is Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI).

If you want money from BlackRock, for example, you’ll create a DEI department – complete with a DEI coordinator with a six-figure salary, preferred pronouns in their email signature, and straight out of college with their gender or minority studies degree.

It’s been a booming industry for the past few years.

But now Bidenomics is catching up to corporate America.

And in a bad economy, employing well-paid officials whose only job is to hurt morale is turning out not to be a great investment.

That tightening of the belts is causing a new trend in DEI hiring in the business community, and it’s one that has the George Soros’ and Klaus Schwab’s of the world fuming.

The death of DEI?

In the face of the bad Biden economy, companies are laying off their DEI officers and choosing not to replace them.

According to City Journal and the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher F. Rufo, it’s getting so bad out there for former DEI workers that they’re not even job hunting anymore.

“We are crushing the DEI industry, with massive big-firm layoffs, ‘chief diversity officer’ searches down 75%, and many DEI bureaucrats abandoning the industry altogether,” Rufo tweeted. “But this is just the beginning: we will not stop until DEI is abolished from American life.”

According to the numbers, Rufo is well on his way to that goal.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting DEI employees are being laid off at a rate 40% greater than regular human resources staff.

The article tells the story of one former DEI head who, since being laid off, has applied for 300 DEI jobs, and gone on 16 interviews – but still hasn’t received a job offer due to the decline in available DEI positions.

The woman says she’s now looking to leave the DEI field all together.

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