The George Soros political empire may be collapsing following this change in leadership

Oct 26, 2023

George Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest people and has used his vast fortune to fund a host of leftists’ causes worldwide.

But at 92, George Soros decided it was time to hand off his political network to his son, whom he thought shared his convictions.

The handoff has not been smooth, however, and many are speculating that the Soros political empire may be collapsing.

George Soros passes his empire to “more political” son, Alex

George Soros shocked the world this summer when the 92-year-old billionaire announced that he would be handing over his vast financial empire to his son Alex.

Soros is a high-profile activist that founded and ran the Radical Leftist organization Open Society Foundations (OSF).

The group has poured over $32 billion dollars into socialist causes over the past three decades.

Operating in over 100 countries around the world, OSF has worked to subvert the world with left-wing propaganda, open border policies, and legalizing criminal activities under the guise of criminal justice reform.

In 2020, Soros pledged $1 billion to fight the rise of right-wing populist movements around the globe.

The so-called philanthropist designated leaders like former President Donald Trump as authoritarian, and declared it his mission to stop them from gaining in popularity.

Now his son Alex, who describes himself as “more political” than his father, has assumed control.

OSF makes major move closing over half the offices on the African continent

Alex has said that he will continue to fight for the same radical-left causes that his father devoted his life to.

The 37-year-old heir of OSF will also seek to widen the impact of the organization by bringing abortion and gender ideology into the fold.

But before Alex had a chance to expand, it appears that the group is already shrinking.

According to emails obtained by Bloomberg, OSF will close several offices around the world, including half a dozen offices in Africa.

The company’s website removed listings for Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

New internal communications revealed that OSF’s Vice President of Programs, Binaifer Nowrojee, explained the closures as necessary in a plan to reduce staff by over 40 percent.

Nowrojee indicated that “staffing size and footprint by necessity needs to diminish” for the group to maintain financial health.

Employees in 6 out of 9 African countries were given an ultimatum.

Employees told to reapply and expect to pay for relocation

According to Bloomberg, OSF will shutter offices in Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

Employees will be given the opportunity to apply for new roles “within their jurisdiction,” but it will involve moving to a place where OSF still operates.

The email from Nowrojee announcing the cutbacks also informed the staff, “You would be expected to move and would also be responsible for your own relocation.”

OSF also made a major move in August by informing grant recipients that they “will largely terminate funding within the European Union, and further funding will be extremely limited.”

Alex Soros pushed back on reports that represented this as a retreat from Europe, saying it was “news” to him that they were pulling back on European investment.

The young Soros claimed that they are “simply changing [their] strategy.”

Skeptics look on and can’t help but wonder what is happening at OSF.

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