Survivor of Mao’s cultural revolution warns Americans of the dangers of the Biden regime

Sep 13, 2023

Americans are in a state of shock as they watch woke mobs rioting in the streets and Biden weaponizing the judicial system to prosecute his political opponent.

Many people are drawing parallels to other historical figures that drove their countries into dictatorship.

Now hear what a survivor of Mao’s cultural revolution says about where the United States is heading.

Xi Van Fleet witnessed the “most brutal communist regime” in the history of China

Ever since the Biden administration issued their first indictment against former President Donald Trump, people have been making comparisons to other radical dictators. 

Conservatives on social media put his image alongside the likes of Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler. 

Xi Van Fleet has been warning us for months now that this is the direction our country is heading. 

The author of “Mao’s America” says that she’s “not surprised” that wokeism is taking over our country, and the scene is “very familiar” to her. 

“I lived through thee most brutal communist regime in China…I witnessed a lot,” Fleet told Rachel Campos-Duffy in an interview on Fox. 

Nothing compares to what she says is “the darkest moment that she has witnessed” in her life. 

That moment was “the day when the former president of the United States was indicted and mugshot in a Georgia prison.”

“Forget Donald Trump” because they are coming for “everybody”

Fleet sounded the alarm on what she sees as a 21st century cultural revolution happening in the United States. 

“I think America is quickly becoming a communist country and our rule of law has been turned into what Marxists called proletarian dictatorship,” she said.

Duffy then asked what Fleet would say to people who “hate Donald Trump.”

Fleet said people should “forget about Donald Trump” and pay attention to what is happening in our country.

As it is in most communist regimes, “the party in power is after its political oppositions…and it’s not just the president but people like activists and they are now in jail.”

“They are political prisoners in the free country of the United States,” she added. 

Fleet said that “the party in power is abusing their power and going after any oppositions. Now it’s Donald Trump. Now it’s MAGA. But eventually it’s everybody.”

“Communists as a regime [do] not tolerate any, any opposition, any dissenting voices,” she explained. 

There is no “winning team” under Marxist leadership and people need to “wake up”

Now one should assume Democrat voters are safe, she said, adding the party is “coming after all of us—including those who are cheering and now for Trump’s indictment and they think they are on the winning team.” 

No one is on the winning team, “We…all will become victims if we let it, let [Marxists] succeed.”

But Fleet says that Americans shouldn’t be so quick to lose hope in the future of the country.

If you want to do defeat the Communists then you must, “learn a little bit of history and learn a little bit about the cultural revolution,” Fleet told Campos-Duffy. 

Fleet echoed the common phrase that history repeats itself. 

“Only when people understand the history and the nature of what’s going on will they wake up,” she said.

Fleet urged Americans to realize, “We are dealing with communism. We are dealing with Marxists wo want to transform our country into a dictatorship.”

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