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Should Maxine Waters Resign?

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Donald Trump just unleashed on these Colorado Democrats for their latest attempt to keep him off the ballot

Leftists across the country have weaponized the courts to try and keep Donald Trump out of the White House. The lawfare seems to know no bounds, and it’s got plenty of people steamed. Now Donald Trump just blasted Colorado Democrats for their latest attempt to rig the election against him. Former President Trump has been […]

Finally, a Black Lives Matter activist is going to jail for a major crime

Black Lives Matter has always been a radical Marxist group. Its militant streak has always been present, but people were so upset about the death of George Floyd that many gave them money without realizing who they were. And these brazen activists raised money hand over fist, saying funds would go toward their cause. But […]

Fans knew this losing team needed coaching changes. But they were stunned by who the team fired

For Chicago Bears fans, the 2023 NFL season has so far been a major disappointment to say the very least. After starting the season at 2-6, many Bears fans are demanding change, especially in the coaching department. But football fans were stunned when they fired this coach for some very strange reasons. The Chicago Bears […]

Catholics feel betrayed when the Pope sends out this condescending letter

Pope Francis has set himself apart from other Popes with his politically charged, left-leaning ideals, which have caused major riffs in the Vatican. Whether it is homosexuality, climate change, or foreign conflicts, Pope Francis has started to sound more like Justin Trudeau than the head of the largest Christian denomination. Now, many Catholics feel absolutely […]

This Democrat Governor of a red state was just exposed for putting all of his constituents’ safety in danger

We have all heard of how America’s bluest cities are becoming crime-ridden cesspools. New York City and Chicago are fast becoming unlivable as law-abiding citizens are forced to flee or hunker down as criminals control the streets. And now this Democrat Governor of a red state was just exposed, putting the safety of all his […]

Just when Joe Biden thought things couldn’t get worse, it got much worse with this news

Joe Biden’s record as President of the United States can be summed up in a single word: embarrassing. And it’s only gotten worse for the incumbent POTUS after his bumbling efforts, following the terrorist attacks in Israel, have impressed no one. And now, President Biden’s bad month just got worse when he saw one thing […]