SHOT BLOCKED: LeBron James’s new CNN show is more embarrassing than the rest of the network’s line up

Aug 4, 2023

LeBron James’ time on the basketball court may be winding down – with retirement talk surrounding him this offseason.

However, King James’ forays into politics seem to be just getting started.

But now, the ungrateful baller’s latest CNN show has turned out to be a bigger embarrassment than the rest of the failing network’s television schedule.

CNN, your desperation is showing

Fox News Channel has been hemorrhaging viewers ever since making the baffling decision to part ways with its number-one-rated host, Tucker Carlson.

But Fox News remains the top-rated cable news channel in the United States – however, it’s only because of the ineptness of its chief competition, MSNBC and CNN.

Programs on the leftist news networks typically get fewer viewership than some of the top conservative streams on Rumble.

CNN has been stepping far outside the box, as of late, hoping some interesting programming decisions will attract new viewers to the fledgling network.

The latest gimmick from the geniuses who run the supposed “most trusted name in news” involved NBA all-star LeBron James.

But did the gamble pay off?

LeBron James gets called for a flagrant foul

CNN paid King James to produce the special series, See It Loud: The History of Black Television.

According to CNN’s website, the show is “a look back at the legendary Black sitcoms that shaped the childhoods and inspired the futures of generations of viewers.”

This past weekend’s episode was titled, “Keeping it Real”.

The episode was described to audiences as “an exploration of how reality, talk, and competition series became showcases for authentic Black voices, talent, and culture.”

The results are in – and it turns out LeBron James wasn’t nearly as helpful to CNN as he initially was to the Lakers.

In fact, it flopped worse than LeBron trying to draw a foul on the basketball court.

According to Nielsen ratings, only about 65,000 people tuned in to watch the four-time MVP’s latest propaganda piece.

Let’s put that number in some perspective.

CNN loses to a little heard of news network

Have you ever heard of the channel, NewsNation?

Don’t feel bad if your answer was “no,” almost no one has.

NewsNation is a relatively new cable news channel that is trying to position itself as airing “non-biased” news.

The channel has little foothold in the marketplace.

However, NewsNation ran a UFO special opposite LeBron’s CNN special.

We Are Not Alone: The Historic Hearing, was viewed by about 106,000 people, according to Nielsen ratings.

That’s 41,000 more than CNN received for its LeBron-produced program.

And you may think, “Well, surely young viewers tuned in for LeBron’s show.”

You’d be wrong.

NewsNation also defeated CNN in the time slot in the key 25-54 demo – with NewsNation’s alien special garnering 39,000 compared to James’ DEI play’s 32,000.

To turn around their current disastrous fates, perhaps LeBron James should stick to dribbling – and perhaps CNN should try some honest reporting.

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