Ron DeSantis issued a stark warning ahead of this highly contentious press conference

Apr 4, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis is a major player in the conservative movement in America.

He takes a reliably strong stance against the mainstream narrative in the national culture war.

And he issued a stark warning ahead of this highly contentious press conference

DeSantis warns the media about “explicit content” before press conference

Ron DeSantis has been known to take a strong stance, but he’s really outdone himself this time.

At the very least, he gave people a warning.

Members of the media thought they were getting ready for a normal press conference until they were told that they should expect “explicit content.”

His staff informed the media that they would be showing a video that contained material that is “sexually explicit in nature and not suitable for children.”

His team went on to remove all the minors from the room so that he could continue with his press conference.

The video that followed would ultimately contain blurred out imagery on national news and be deemed “sensitive content” on social media platforms.

The worst part is that the material presented was actually material found in Florida’s grade school libraries.

Books found in libraries encouraged “casual intercourse” with people met online

Governor DeSantis went on to show the media the books, which depicted children committing sexual acts.

The books were intended to be viewed by kids and explained to them how to masturbate and what to do during sex.

It even encouraged apps used to meet people for “casual intercourse.”

One slide at the beginning of the film read, “here are the books parents found in Florida schools and reported to their school districts for removal” adding that “what was found is shocking, graphic, and we warn you . . . is not appropriate for children.”

The images in the books were so graphic that even the local news was forced to cut their live feeds because they would get in trouble for broadcasting the content.

The live feeds resumed after the six-minute video about the books concluded.

DeSantis is pushing back on “hoax” that says he is banning books

The goal of the press conference was to push back on the idea that Florida is unjustly removing books or “banning them” from public school libraries.

DeSantis wanted to force the media to show America the troubling materials that were being found in children’s spaces.

He was seeking to popularize his “Parental Rights in Education” law that has mostly received scrutiny from the media.

DeSantis continued to lean into the purpose of the press conference, explaining that he simply wanted to dispel the “hoax” that his state was in the business of “book banning.”

He said that he believes that when parents are sending their kids to school “they should not have to worry about this garbage . . .”

DeSantis said that the material was akin to child pornography and ultimately dangerous to children.

DeSantis says kids should be learning “math and reading”

He says not only do these books confuse and pressure kids about very important life decisions, but they also take away from the overall educational experience.

“Every minute you spend focusing on some of this pornographic stuff, that’s less time you’re spending on doing the things that really matter,” DeSantis argued.

He said instead of sexual affirmation we should be focusing on “math and reading and all of these other things.”

It was a shocking and incredible press conference.

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