RFK Jr. made a surprising statement about Donald Trump that left onlookers’ jaws on the floor

Jun 30, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running an unconventional but surprisingly successful campaign to Primary Joe Biden in 2024.

The political outsider has been seen campaigning at events that most Democrats would steer clear of.

And RFK Jr. made a surprising statement about Donald Trump that left onlookers’ jaws on the floor.

RFK Jr. is asked what he thinks about the support he is getting from prominent voices on the right

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running on the oft-made promise to unite all Americans, but he is the first Democrat in recent memory to put his money where his mouth is.

Democrat politicians have made it clear that this is not ok, even going as far as condemning his visit to a Libertarian event in June.

The political outsider is sure to draw fresh scrutiny following comments he made on NewsNation during an interview with Elizabeth Vargas.

The anchor pointed to his unconventional support on the Right from the likes of “Steven Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, and former President Donald Trump,” in an attempt to smear him by association.

Vargas told Kennedy that “many Democrats fear that you’re a spoiler in the race, that you will damage President Biden in the Primary and grease the skids for former President Trump to return to the Oval office . . . what kind of man do you think Donald Trump is?”

He then gave the best possible answer that independent voters could have hoped for.

He says that he is “proud” that Trump and other anti-establishment voices are giving him support

Kennedy slammed Vargas’ question saying, “Here’s what I’m not gonna do in this race. I’m not gonna attack other people personally. I don’t think it’s good for our country.”

He said that the goal of his campaign is to “bring people together” not tear the nation apart.

“So, I’m proud that President Trump likes me, even though I don’t agree with him on most of his issues, because I don’t wanna alienate people,” he said, adding, “I’m proud that all these people like me and that I have independent supporters and Democratic supporters.”

He slammed Democrats for claiming they want to unite the country but acting in opposition to that end.

“Every Democrat says, ‘I want to end polarization,’ but how do you do that without talking to people who don’t agree with you?” Kennedy asked rhetorically.

Kennedy’s political strategy seems to be working out even with this glowing comment made by Trump.

Trump says that Kennedy’s “heart is in the right place” and that he’s “doing very well”

Trump recently addressed Kennedy’s run in a radio interview with Howie Carr.

He told Carr, “I’ve actually had a very nice relationship with [Kennedy] over the years. He’s a very smart guy, and a good guy.”

The former president added that he believes Kennedy’s “heart is in the right place.”

A recent poll from The Economist/YouGov put Kennedy atop all candidates for favorability.

He received a +19 in net favorability, whereas Trump and Biden both had negative net favorability ratings.

Other polls have shown his support from likely voters growing in recent months despite negative press.

Trump seemed to be pleased that Kennedy is doing well in the polls.

The former president said, “. . . he’s doing really well! I saw a poll, he’s at 22. That’s pretty good, that’s pretty good. Doing very well.”

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