Randi Weingarten was left speechless after a veteran teacher told her this horrible truth about US schools

Sep 22, 2023

Just about everybody can agree that America needs good teachers in order to foster a new generation of scholars and patriots. 

But the combination of corrupt administrators, woke curriculum, and out-of-control students is pushing the system to the breaking point. 

And Randi Weingarten was left absolutely speechless when this veteran teacher explained the problem is even worse. 

The future does not appear very promising in many of America’s schoolhouses  

In school systems all across the nation, teachers are quitting at alarming rates. 

As a result, many school systems face teacher shortages, which has a devastating impact on the education of America’s children. 

One such teacher who has called it quits is Stacey Sawyer of Florida’s Lee County School District. 

Sawyer, who has worked as an educator for 30 years, claims that she cannot put up with the poor behavior of her students anymore, which she claimed has gotten much worse since the pandemic. 

In a recent appearance on Fox Business Channel’s The Big Money Show Sawyer said, “The behavior issues have gotten out of control from a lot of things. There are no subs for teachers, so they’re having to work during their planning and take over other classes.”

She added, “Those classes are getting inundated with more and more students. The district just puts more work on to the teachers and there is no extra pay. And I think that teachers are just – they’re tired. ‘Teacher tired’ is a whole different ballgame, and they’ve had enough.”

In regards to students, Sawyer says that underperforming students are being “pushed along” in order for school systems to meet quotas and avoid scrutiny. 

Sawyer went on to say, “We are seeing our students being pushed along. So, I’ve had students that have missed 70 some days of school, and they still got pushed along. They were given a test at the end of the year, and even given help on that test. And they passed the test, and they move them along.”

Ever since schools were first shuttered in 2020 in reaction to the COVID pandemic, many critics have sounded the alarms on the long-term damage that would be caused. 

Three years later, it appears as if these speculations are true, with many students lagging behind in nearly every subject in school districts all across the nation. 

Teachers unions and radical Democrats have destroyed American schools 

If America’s failing school systems ever hope to mend the many plagues facing them, then rejecting teachers’ unions and the whims of the radical Left is an important place to start. 

Teacher unions such as the American Federation of Teachers, at the direction of Randi Weingarten, were largely responsible for keeping schools closed as long as they were in many parts of America. 

While union officials lived largely, America’s children suffered, with many lagging behind. 

Most Americans would agree that teachers deserve better in this country, but turning to teachers unions and their radical left-wing interests is a horrible way to deliver for teachers. 

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