Nancy Mace had conservatives rolling their eyes after speaking one jaw-dropping word

Oct 17, 2023

South Carolina RINO Congresswoman Nancy Mace is finding out how few friends she has in D.C.

One day she offends the Democrats, and the next day she attacks her supporters on the GOP side.

And Nancy Mace had conservatives rolling their eyes after speaking one jaw-dropping word.

Everyone hates Nancy Mace.

Conservatives were furious with Mace over her support for abortion-on-demand and gun control.

The establishment turned on Mace because she voted to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House after McCarthy never brought her pro-abortion legislation up for a vote.

Nancy Mace barely survived a pro-Trump primary challenger in 2022.

Mace is sure to face another conservative primary challenger in 2024 after Mace repeatedly smeared Pro-Life activists as extremists following the midterm election.

But this time, Mace can’t count on her establishment allies to bail her out.

McCarthy’s Super PAC spent big on Mace’s race last year.

That’s out of the question now.

And Republicans in the House are openly talking about retaliation.

“I’m not sure what the fallout will be. She has no coalition of support,” a GOP House member told POLITICO.

“I can’t stop her from going on the Sunday shows,” the Republican also stated. “But inside the conference, she is a running joke.”

Mace tried to turn the fact that both the GOP base and establishment can’t stand her into a political advantage when she showed up to a forum for Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise to make their case to the conference about why they should be the next Speaker of the House wearing a white t-shirt with a giant red “A” emblazoned on it.

The South Carolina Congresswoman confirmed it was her “Scarlet letter” in a reference to a classic novel where the Puritans force Hester Prynne to wear a Scarlet A for committing the sin of adultery.

This is not the first time Mace made a cringe reference to sex or made a political statement with her fashion choices.

Mace once showed up on a vote to codify access to abortion inducing drugs wearing a jacket plastered with a message about support for birth control.

Mace also told an audience at a prayer breakfast that she showed up late because she and her fiancé were having morning sex.

The conservative base and GOP establishment aren’t united on much.

But one area of common ground is a desire to get rid of Nancy Mace in 2024.

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