Megyn Kelly just ripped a Super Bowl champion for this woke political video

Sep 29, 2023

Fans are sick and tired of athletes making political statements.

But stars aren’t getting the message.

And Megyn Kelly ripped a Super Bowl champion for this woke political video.

Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is making headlines over the fact that he’s dating Taylor Swift.

But Kelce’s dating life isn’t the only reason he’s in the news.

Kelce emerged as one of the athletes most willing to inject himself into the world of politics.

Bud Light turned to Kelce to appear in a commercial in an attempt to rehabilitate the company’s reputation as a beer for guys after customers boycotted the beer in droves over the fact it signed a sponsorship deal with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Now Kelce is acting as the pitch man for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

This did not please Megyn Kelly, who ripped Kelce for using his platform to promote the COVID vaccine.

“Travis Kelce has been in the news — he’s a big football player, I don’t even know who he plays for,” Kelly began.

“He has decided to use his fame and power to try to push the Pfizer Covid vaccine on us,” Kelly added.

Kelly ripped Kelce for encouraging young men to take this vaccine when the fact is the target audience faces a low risk of a bad COVID outcome.

“Oh, God. Showing off his little Band-Aid. I mean it’s weird how there was no asterisks about any of the significant side effects, especially for the young men who probably look up to Travis Kelce,” Kelly continued.

“It really disturbs me because it’s, I recognize that the vaccine had done, especially elderly people some good. But it’s not the elderly people who are watching Travis Kelce. My mom is not watching Travis Kelce,” Kelly continued. “It’s young men who are looking up to him, and that is exactly the age group — those teenagers into their young 20s — who are most at risk of myocarditis from the vaccines and least at risk from Covid. And so, like if it were me, would I as someone who that group listens to go out there and push that vaccine? I wouldn’t.”

Kelly’s guest Charlie Kirk mocked the idea of an alpha athlete like Kelce serving as a propaganda tool for a pharmaceutical company.

“I find it rather repulsive, to be perfectly honest, that a supposedly alpha male person like Travis Kelce is pushing a vaccine towards a demographic that doesn’t need it,” Kirk stated.

Pfizer’s stock is down 25 percent over the last year, and Kirk suggested that Kelce sold out to help Big Pharma boost profits by encouraging young men who don’t need the vaccine to take it.

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