Ken Buck looks poised to sell out his last remaining principles to secure this big career change

Sep 21, 2023

Republican Members of Congress often want to remain in the spotlight after leaving office. 

Usually, they either sell out to K Street and become a lobbyist for big business or they pursue a career in media. 

And now Ken Buck looks poised to sell out his last remaining principles to secure this big career change.

To get hired as a Republican on-air contributor at CNN requires two things – first, you hate Donald Trump and second, you never actually support Republicans and side with Democrats on all the big issues.

Over the last several weeks, Colorado Congressman Ken Buck went on a nonstop media tour attacking the idea of impeaching Joe Biden.

Buck appeared on every news outlet that would book him to falsely claim there is no evidence linking Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s alleged foreign influence peddling schemes.

The media uses Buck’s status as a House Freedom Caucus member to gaslight the public into thinking that “even conservatives” admit the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is a politically motivated fishing expedition.

Conservatives were left scratching their heads wondering what the heck Buck is thinking.

Now the New York Post has revealed the motivation behind Buck’s one-man pro-Joe Biden public relations tour.

Buck is looking to head for the exits in Congress and cash out with a lucrative TV contract.

In an interview with the New York Post, Buck admitted he was in talks with CNN and other left-wing media outlets and signing on as a commentator should he retire from Congress.

“I am interested in talking to folks at CNN and other news organizations — on the, I don’t want to call them Left, but sort of center-Left — and having an opportunity to do that full-time or do that as a contributor would be great also,” Buck told the Post.

Buck quickly tried to perform some clean-up, hinting he’s spoken with Fox News and Newsmax as well to try and show he wasn’t just auditioning as the latest Republican who goes on TV to suck up to liberals.

“I didn’t want to give you the impression that I’ve only talked to folks at CNN, on the Left. I’ve also talked to others about this,” Buck added.

But a source close to Buck scoffed at that idea, saying Fox News has no interest in him and that his only option would be a liberal outlet like CNN.

This source also added that Buck’s constituents didn’t elect him just so he could screen test on TV to become the next Adam Kinzinger.

“His constituents elected him to do a job right now — not go find a TV contract, not try to audition for his next job,” the source told the Post. “People can debate whether or not he’s changed his tune [about politics], but I think a lot of people would say he probably has.”

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