Jordan Peterson was sentenced to re-education for his tweets. But his plan to fight back is brilliant

Sep 13, 2023

Jordan Peterson has been a leader in the fight against government suppression of free speech and thought.

The government and big tech social media have tried to shut down the psychologist on numerous occasions and faced major challenges by Canada. 

Now his psychiatric licensing board told him that he must go to re-education camp to learn how to be more politically correct. But Peterson has a brilliant plan to fight back.

Jordan Peterson is a well-known psychologist and hardline critic of transgender ideology

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a well-known psychologist from Canada who spends his idle time enraging the Leftists on social media with cold-hard truths. 

People who follow him know his one favorite topic is transgender ideology and his concern for the focus on transitioning minors.

Responding to a social media post by The New York Times, he called the outlet an “evil moralizing rag” for opposing “laws restricting transition care for minors.” 

Peterson believes that these laws are “protecting children from criminal butchers.” 

The clinical psychologist has been a vocal antagonist of the transgender movement for more than a decade. 

One social media post from 2016 shows him quoting Camille Paglia as saying, “Transgender mania is a sign of cultural collapse.” 

Now his social media behavior has landed him in a court mandated social media training by the Ontario College of Psychologists (CPO).

Order by CPO is upheld by Ontario Appeals Court, and enforcement will continue 

Peterson was first threatened with his licensure in August of last year over his divisive opinions on social media. 

But after an appeal in late August, an Ontario Court ruled that the CPO would be allowed to suspend his medical license pending the completion of the training. 

Canadian Justice Paul Schabas said that “Dr. Peterson sees himself functioning as a clinical psychologist ‘in the broad public space’ where he claims to be helping ‘millions of people.’”

“Peterson cannot have it both ways: he cannot speak as a member of a regulated profession without taking responsibility for the risk of harm that flows from him speaking in that trusted capacity,” he added.

“If you think you have a right to free speech in Canada…You’re delusional,” he declared online.  

CPO officials commented following the court ruling saying that they were “committed to carrying out [the] mandate of protecting the public interest by regulating the practice of psychology and upholding the Standards of Professional Conduct.”

Medical interventions for children with gender dysphoria is “100% absolutely unacceptable”

Peterson has promised to “make every aspect of this [training] public…And we will see what happens when utter transparency is the rule…Bring it on.”

Speaking to Jesse Watters, the psychologist said that it was “absolutely necessary” to make the process public, and “somehow” he would do that. 

Peterson was enraged that he isn’t allowed to say what he believes to be his moral “obligation”. 

“I’m not the least bit happy about what the sadistic surgeon butchers are doing to minors. I’m also not very happy about narcissistic celebrities…parading off their new surgically enhanced body and enticing young women, for example, into being sterilized and butchered,” he told Watters.

Peterson said that it was incumbent on him as well as other therapists and physicians to make it clear that medically transitioning children is “100% absolutely unacceptable.”

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