Glenn Beck just sounded the alarm that the ruling-class elites’ “war on homeownership” has officially begun

Sep 1, 2023

Few political commentators have done more to wave the red flag on what he predicts will be impending assaults on freedom and working-class Americans’ rights than Glenn Beck.

It’d be great if TheBlaze founder was just a doomsday conspiracy theorist, as the ruling-class elites claim, but his track record speaks for itself.

And Glenn Beck just sounded the alarm that the ruling-class elites’ “war on homeownership” has officially begun.

“You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

Back in 2016, the ruling-class elite World Economic Forum began prompting an essay that pushed the idea that in the woke extremist “utopia” they are trying to force the world into, the working class would own no property, have no privacy, or any other rights whatsoever.

Yes, the ruling-class elites’ woke extremist “dream” is literally the stuff of science fiction dystopian nightmares.

One of the people who has most sounded the alarm on this fact is TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck, who has long warned that a top goal of the ruling-class elites would be to end homeownership and force working-class Americans into renting.

As such, Beck was taken aback by a recent Axios article entitled “The Problem With America’s High Homeownership Rate,” which claimed that “America’s decades-long love affair with home ownership is holding back the economy and hobbling the Federal Reserve and exacerbating a national housing crisis.”

“Hobbling the Federal Reserve” should be a goal of anyone who actually believes in freedom, but to the ruling-class elites and their media allies, it’s somehow a “defect” of freedom.

Beck warned that the 2008 financial crisis was caused by the government attempting to force Americans to buy homes, forcing mortgage lenders to hand out loans to individuals they knew couldn’t afford the home they were attempting to buy, and now they’re attempting to force Americans to get rid of their homes.

“We got into the ‘08 crisis because the government was pushing home ownership,” Beck explained on The Glenn Beck Program. “Everybody became overextended. Now, they’re pushing for you to get rid of your home. I think this is the first shot of the government trying to get people out of their homes.”

Beck’s guest, former investment banker Carol Roth, pointed out that it’s not the first shot though.

As Roth explained, after the 2008 financial crisis, “Americans lost about 6 million homes to foreclosures and short sales,” and those homes were largely bought by corporate entities who were suddenly flush with cash while the working class had peanuts in the wake of the crisis.

“And then they went out because they had so much money, had to do something with it, they bought up homes,” Beck said, finishing Roth’s point.

Roth continued by pointing out that the Axios piece isn’t just saying the ruling-class elites believe working-class homeownership is a “problem,” they’re saying that working-class Americans making legacy wealth for themselves and their families is a “problem,” as those with even the slightest means are less easy to control.

“Now you have this gentleman from Axios, who is one of the economic media darlings, if you will, coming out and not only saying, ‘Oh, it’s really a problem that you own your home, it’s really a problem that you have this asset that’s creating legacy wealth for you and your family,’” Roth said. “The mental gymnastics it took for him to get there. ‘Oh, this is holding back the economy, and this is crippling the FED,’ as if it wasn’t FED policy and the government policy that got us here in the first place.”

“The idea that they’re blaming you for creating wealth instead of blaming the arsonists who burnt down the economy — the government and the FED — is absolutely despicable,” she added.

Make no mistake, the ruling-class elites and their media allies only put forward ideas they believe will result in giving them more power and control over the working class.

And going all-in on destroying the concept of homeownership is just the next step in their complete takeover.

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