Dystopian future that the Democrats want was on full display over the holiday weekend

Sep 7, 2023

Radical-left lawmakers want to monitor and control every aspect of our lives, and they’re not shy about it.

Over the past few years, it’s become abundantly clear that they believe their ideas are the only option, and they are willing to use force to make sure you comply.

And during this holiday weekend, they showed exactly how far they are willing to go to monitor every aspect of your life.

NYPD launches drones across the city to keep an eye on New Yorkers over Labor Day weekend

Science-fiction has been warning the world about the potential automation of law enforcement with robots and remote-controlled devices.

Now that strange depiction has come to reality in at least one Democrat-run city over the holiday weekend.

New York Police Department leaders announced plans on Thursday to use drones to patrol the streets and survey backyard barbecues in their city.

Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry said that the drones would be used to check in on “non-priority and priority calls” ahead of deploying officers to the scene.

“If [they] have any 311 calls…where if a caller states there is a large crowd, a large backyard party, we’re going to be utilizing our [drone] assets,” Daughtry explained to the press.

NYPD officers will use these drones to see “if the call is founded or not…[and] how many resources” will be needed to address the issue.

Government watchdogs push back on the “troubling announcement”

Daughtry promised to have the entire “drone team out there” from Thursday evening all the way through Monday morning to police the citizens of New York City.

Freedom-minded individuals pushed back on the idea calling it “terrible” and “troubling.”

Daniel Schwarz, a privacy and technology strategist for the New York Civil Liberties Union said, “Deploying drones in this way is a sci-fi inspired scenario.”

“It’s a troubling announcement, and it flies in the face of the POST Act,” Schwarz added, saying the NYPD was “playing fast and loose” with New Yorkers’ rights under the Constitution.

Executive director of the Surveillance and Technology Oversight Project, Albert Fox Cahn, said it was a “terrible plan” that should never have gotten off the ground.

Cahn believes that this is just another example of Eric Adams using a “technology gimmick” to avoid “the risk of bad headlines.”

“They did this when they rolled out drones in the middle of Times Square; they did it when the mayor was being attacked for failing to respond to the Canadian wildfire smoke,” Cahn says.

The government watchdog said, “It’s just a clear pattern that they use technology as a PR stunt, even when it means breaking the law, as it does here.”

Rapid increase of drone use could expose citizens to major “concerns”

Nearly 1,400 departments across the United States have been turning to remote-controlled surveillance in an effort to automate their police force.

While normal citizens are required to keep the drone within line-of-sight, police departments are normally granted exemptions.

Increases in drone use have been slowly growing in law enforcement over the last few years, but groups like the American Civil Liberty Union say that it’s “poised to explode.”

Cahn says, “One of the biggest concerns with the rush to roll out new forms of aerial surveillance is how few protections we have against seeing these cameras aimed at our backyards or even our bedrooms.”

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