Bill Maher just embarrassed the entire Biden Administration with just four simple words

Aug 7, 2023

For most of his career Bill Maher was held up as a hero by the Left.

Recently, the HBO host has started applying a little common sense to some of the most pressing issues facing Americans.

And now the old-guard liberal comedian just embarrassed the entire Biden Administration, and he did so with these four simple words.

He’s finally politically incorrect

Bill Maher’s views on things like religion and politicians like George W. Bush and Donald Trump made his show, Real Time on HBO, a hit with the radical Left in America.

Even before that, in his stand-up comedy routine and on his Politically Incorrect show – which was ironically very politically correct at the time – he would often say things to get under the skin of conservatives.

But then something happened.

The Left went too far – leaving all common sense and sanity behind.

While Maher is by no means a conservative, he does recognize how radical the Democrat Party and its base has become.

The comedian has spoken out against the Left’s violent behavior, its genderless lunacy, and its targeting of children.

Maher is still a liberal, but by today’s standards, that makes him one of the few reasonable ones remaining.

And that means he’s willing to challenge Democrat Party leaders when appropriate – including the sitting President of the United States.

Crisis on the U.S. southern border

Even the liberal comedian has had enough of the Biden Administration’s failure on the U.S. southern border.

Maher issued a blistering critique of the White House’s inaction on the crisis during his Club Random podcast.

And the host of Real Time with Bill Maher wasn’t pulling any punches.

Maher pointed out the hypocrisy of so-called “sanctuary cities” – which would more accurately be labeled harboring havens, since sanctuary is a good thing — for preaching the virtues of open borders, but then panicking when illegal aliens start actually showing up.

“It’s just a good example of, ‘Could everybody just stop the posturing?’” Maher said. “Don’t pretend that you love migrants so much and then when [border states] send them to you, you don’t like them…Yeah, you liked them when it wasn’t your problem because you’re not a border state. And then when they show up in Chicago, in New York, you’re like, ‘What the f***? What are we going to do with these people?’”

He pointed to policies in blue cities, like New York City, where Mayor Eric Adams is commandeering hotels and paying them to kick out their customers and put up the illegal aliens.

And Mayor Adams has gone even farther – floating the idea of forcing citizens with homes with extra bedrooms to take in the illegal aliens.

Maher calls out open-borders Democrats

Maher went on to blast the open-borders politicians – like the Biden White House — who created the crisis on the southern border and are too afraid of angering their woke base to do anything to fix it.

“You know — you’re full of s*** and we can see that,” Maher added.

The former stand-up comic believes old-school liberals and new school woke Democrats see the immigration issue a little differently.

“Liberalism is ‘For the sake of humanity and compassion, can we get these people off the streets?’” Maher said. “And wokeism is, ‘How dare you ask them to move! This is their home.’”

And then the comedian closed with one simple counter argument – “No, it’s not!”

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