After SCOTUS dropped the hammer on affirmative action, Joe Biden revealed his true colors

Jul 5, 2023

Cable pundits all assured everyone the “adults are back in charge” and that “norms will be restored” once Biden clinched his 270th electoral vote in November of 2020.

But by any and all objective measures, neither of those two claims turned out to be true.

And after SCOTUS dropped the hammer on affirmative action, Joe Biden revealed his true colors.

Before awkwardly staging an early exit and limping off set, Joe Biden appeared on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Deadline: White House.

Attacking Justices doesn’t seem like restoring “norms”

The President said that he hopes members of the Supreme Court will react to repeated attacks on and questioning of the Supreme Court’s legitimacy by ruling differently.

He added that he hopes Chief Justice John Roberts’ ruling earlier in the week, in a case involving the powers of state legislatures, was influenced by these attacks on the court’s legitimacy.

While partisan Democrats may see nothing unusual at all about the supposed leader of the free world trying to muscle the nation’s court into doing his bidding, others are rightly appalled.

Biden claimed he doesn’t have an ideological litmus test for his judicial picks and doesn’t support packing the Supreme Court because doing so would politicize the court, but apparently, he is content to simply snipe from the sidelines and let the press attempt to soften up the Justices with intimidation tactics.

He said, “I think – look, I think, maybe it’s just the optimist in me, I think that some of the [Justices] are beginning to realize their legitimacy is being questioned in ways it hadn’t been questioned in the past. And I think there’s a concern on some, maybe even the Chief Justice, that maybe, maybe we –.”

At that point, Wallace cut in, saying, “Well, in the independent legislature’s decision, it looks like maybe Roberts had that in mind.”

Biden responded, “I don’t know that. But that’s what I’m hoping. The optimist hopes so.”

It seems his optimism was misplaced

At the time of the interview, Biden couldn’t have known what was about to happen, but it appears that his attempts to strong-arm the Justices into becoming the Supreme Court of Whatever Joe Biden Wants haven’t resulted in success.

Early on Friday morning, Biden’s $430 billion student loan bailout was shot down by the court as unconstitutional in a 6-3 vote, in just the latest rollback of the President’s repeated executive overreach.

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