Adam Schiff’s world was just turned upside down when this woman made this statement

Oct 27, 2023

Adam Schiff is running for Senate as Nancy Pelosi’s candidate.

He was hoping that by getting Nancy Pelosi’s support, he would have a big leg up in the campaign because he was not supposed to be running against an incumbent.

But this woman’s stunning decision just rocked Adam Schiff’s world.

California Governor Gavin Newsom appointed former union boss and EMILY’s List – a group dedicated to funding the campaigns of radical pro-abortion feminists – head Laphonza Butler to fill the Senate seat of deceased California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Newsom promised to appoint a black woman to fill the seat, and as a black homosexual, Butler checked all the right identity politics boxes.

But Newsom also promised that in the event Feinstein vacated her seat before her term was up, he would appoint a caretaker.

That’s because the Primary is in March, and three big-name members of the California Congressional delegation – Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee – announced their candidacies.

But when Newsom appointed Butler, the ideal candidate for the woke base who possessed vital connections to Big Labor and the big money pro-abortion donors, it became an open question as to why Butler would want to give up a Senate seat she could hold for the rest of her life.

Schiff and the other Democrats in the race breathed a sigh of relief when Butler told The New York Times in an exclusive interview that she would not seek reelection.

“I’ve spent the past 16 days pursuing my clarity — what kind of life I want to have, what kind of service I want to offer and what kind of voice I want to bring forward. After considering those questions I’ve decided not to run for Senate in the upcoming election,” Butler began.

“Knowing you can win a campaign doesn’t always mean you should run a campaign. I know this will be a surprise to many because traditionally we don’t see those who have power let it go. It may not be the decision people expected but it’s the right one for me,” Butler added.

But just because Butler bowed out of this race didn’t mean she was forsaking electoral politics for good, as her statement made clear.

“California voters want leaders who think about them and the issues they care most about,” Butler continued. “I now have 383 days to serve the people of California with every ounce of energy and effort that I have. Muhammad Ali once said, ‘don’t count the days, make the days count.’ I intend to do just that.”

California law puts all candidates in the same Primary, and the top finishers advance to the General Election no matter what party they come from.

On the Democrat side, Schiff is running as the Pelosi-establishment candidate, Porter is the radical socialist, and Lee is running for the woke identity-politics lane, basing her campaign on her race and gender.

The last poll had Schiff at 20 percent, Porter at 17 percent, and Lee far behind in the single digits.

But since that poll, Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star Steve Garvey entered the race, and he has a chance to consolidate the Republican vote, make sure the GOP candidate advances to the General Election, and prevent one of the Democrats from appearing on the November ballot.

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